Why Startup Code Works

We are committed to helping your startup succeed

Your success matters to us. We help you with more than just technology

Capture your transformative idea with user stories and requirements.

Transform your ideas and requirements into beautiful designs.

Create quality crafted code to deliver superior software and apps.

Help expertly navigate technology choices and deployment.

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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

Innovate. Create. Differentiate.

Startups live and die by the power of their innovative ideas. We build on those ideas to help you create the best, most cost-effective solution that embodies your vision. We have some of the best and brightest developers at Startup Code Works who are dedicated to making your product stand out from the crowd. Staffed with startup entrepreneurs we have a culture and ethos that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit

We specialize in startup and understand the unique pressures entrepreneurs face. We have a well-earned reputation for delivering affordable and superior software, fast

Our most important mission is that you succeed. Your success translates into our success.

The core team at Startup Code Works have all been part of successful startups and we know what it takes to succeed in this extremely competitive environment. Other development companies focus solely on making as much profit from your project as possible and have no long term vested interest in your success. We are a startup software development company with key differentiators. We can:

  • Help you navigate the many investor and VC options available
  • Determine if you should use an open source platforms or engage in building custom software
  • Ensure you software platform will stand up to investor due diligence scrutiny
  • Help you secure your intellectual property via building innovative technology and business processes.
  • Help you secure free and open resources available to startups including cloud hosting and business management software.

The harsh reality is that many projects fail on one of these criteria

  • Failing to deliver software with the desired quality and functionality
  • Failing to deliver software on time
  • Failing to deliver software on budget

Our most experienced team members have spent over 15 years in software engineering with an averge of 7 years experience across the entire team. We always deliver on quality, time, and budget

A MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy is a proven method to quickly and inexpensively allow you to learn about your market and your solution. A common mistake many startups commit is to engage in costly over-engineered products that have unnecessary features. The minimum viable product model will allow you to be more customer-focused, and to be a more agile player in highly completive environments

  • Provide guidance on how to build the most effective MVP product possible – one that demonstrate purpose and provides value even in their most limited form. Early adoption and feedback is what allows you to iteratively improve on your product or service.
  • MVP products require iterative build cycles but since they form the first impression they also need to be of very high design quality. Your first set of customers will form the market's impression. We help you make sure they have a very positive experience, even if you leave them wanting more.
  • A solid MVP requires one to adopt changes quickly based on user feedback. Our team will give you confidence in your ability to work quickly yet maintain a consistent level of quality.

Idea Generation

We strive for innovation.

Innovation is the critical differentiator of your startup. However, figuring out how to connect the dots to deliver an optimal solution can be daunting task. We help you connect the dots and determine your MVP. Our specialty is in helping you best deliver your innovative product to the benefit of your users.

Creative Execution

We love transforming ideas into brilliant products.

Transforming ideas into brilliant products requires more that just coding skills. It requires a multi-disciplinary team with experience. This experience coupled with our user story and project design sprint approach will minimize risk and increase a productions success by delivering the highest quality designs and code.


We get people talking about your product.

At Startup Code Works we pride ourselves in being part of the innovation community. We have relationships with some of the best social media, marketing, and communication companies in the startup ecosystem. Like us they understand the unique challenges startups face. These relationships combined with beautifully designed and crafted products will help you ensure a very successful launch

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Steve Jobs