Our Projects

Here are some of the exciting projects we have built and delivered.

Healthcare Apps

MINA - Medical information App and Desktop

The MINA app is an effective, streamlined way for individuals and healthcare providers to communicate accurate and complete medical histories. MINA offers a secure communication of medical information from your smartphone directly to your provider. This will also provide an efficient means of sharing complete and accurate information that is intended to reduce medical errors. The goal is to decrease inaccurate and incomplete medication lists and/or incomplete records, including those resulting from a language barrier.

Skill set employed includes – requirement analysis, wire framing, screen design, Xamarin Forms, native iOS , native Android, Windows for mobile, and Microsoft Windows for desktop using C#.

Mobile App Project

Embly Event Application

Embly is a multi-platform solution that allows an event management team to engage with the attendees before, during and after the event. The communication channel is the Embly mobile app and the desktop back-office application, which is used by the client to manage the information flow and event content.

Skill set employed includes native iOS and Android development. Web app front-end Development (ObjC, Java), Backend Development, Analytics, Mobile Application Management and Distribution, UX and UI

Web Application Project

Tripod Education

Tripod is the nation's leading provider of classroom-level surveys for kindergarten to twelfth grade students. Tripod survey assessments capture key dimensions of classroom life and teaching practice as students experience them. The innovative Tripod platform allow educators to schedule, conduct, score and report educational surveys entirely online. The Startup Code Works project team for this complex workflow project comprised of business analysts, project management, front-end and back-end developers and quality assurance experts.

Skill set employed includes design, UI/UX, Python (including Pandas, SciPy, and NumPy packages), Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, JavaScript, MongoDB, database architecture, data modeling, and various queuing solutions (Reddis) .

Tablet App Project


Bio Behavioral Capture System (BBCS) for Tablets

"The major goals of this project are to develop, deploy, and evaluate a data capture system (Bio-Behavioral Capture System or BBCS) to unobtrusively, efficiently, and accurately record and analyze behavior and physiology in individuals on the autism spectrum in home settings over time. As researchers who study autism, we know that you and your child experience so much that we could never understand from just a few office visits. BBCS is a system that will enable clinicians and researchers to capture a more complete picture of your child’s abilities and challenges. It’s our hope that better interpretations and conclusions can be drawn from this rich, detailed information about regular day-to-day life." - BBCS team

Skill set employed includes design, UI/UX, native Android development, Java, Restful services, sensor integration, desktop development.

Tablet Application Project


Qmedic – An award winning tablet application that bills itself as ”the smartest medical alerts service available”. The app sends text alerts and wellness reports to proactively monitor a loved one's safety in the home. Startup Code Works helped design and build the front-end tablet base app.

Skill set employed includes design, UI, UX, JavaScript and D3.js and JavaScript charting software.

Visualization Projects

Custom visualizations

Most projects we encounter require some kind of custom visualization, whether they are reports dashboards, charts, or other types of visualizations. How this is presented will be viewed as the difference between a stunning product and a mediocre one. Long gone are the days when tables and charts, that resemble something copied from Excel impress clients. We help you build custom stunning visualization that will leave a lasting impression.

Skill set employed includes UI, UX, D3.js, Neo4J, HighCharts, InVision, InDesign, PhotoShop, wire framing, and JavaScript charting software.

Big Data Science Projects

Big Data & Data Science

We have extensive experience of working on data analytics and big data projects. We have implemented full feature strategic business decision platforms utilizing machine learning, predictive analytics and Big Data. With data science and predictive analytics we help you isolate customer pain points, emerging issues, and unmet needs to replace your “best guesses” with real insights for taking meaningful, measurable action.

Our data scientists can build predictive models based on vast customer data sets such as purchasing patterns, support feedback, social media sentiment, and more. We can also train your team in data science and predictive analytics.

Skill set employed includes Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, MapReduce, predictive analytics, text analytics, machine learning, and statistics

Financial Bond Analytics Platform

Capital Market Analytics

Capital Market Exchange partners with leading institutional fixed income investment teams to analyze and report on key factors driving current investment grade credit risk. The factor outputs our analytics generate give deep insight into current market perspectives, while highlighting emerging, timely themes well in advance of traditional third-parties.

Skill set employed includes design, UI, UX, Restful services, JavaScript, D3.js, JavaScript charting software, Java, Spring framework, C#, R statistical programming language, Bloomberg API integration, and custom Bond modeling

Web Application Project


AlumniBridge is an innovative job platform connecting Universities, Corporations, and Alumni/Students. AlumniBridge allows job seekers to create multimedia and skills/preference profiles for view by potential employers. Employers use sophisticated matching tools to find and pre-screen potential candidates. Startup Code Works built a proprietary matching engine, bespoke charts, and intuitive candidate displays to make this an innovative matching portal.

Skill set employed includes design, UI/UX, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, JavaScript, Elastic search, MongoDB, database architecture, data modeling, text analytics and custom matching service.

Other Projects

Other Companies We Have Worked For

Over the years we have worked for a wide range of startups and companies in finance, healthcare, insurance, biotech, and education to name but a few.

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